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Course 5 – Alive in the Classroom

Course 5 – Alive in the Classroom

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while. Not quite ready to put it out there and admit that we are done! What an incredible learning journey it has been for me and (I hope) for all of the participants of the Online 10 cohort. I encourage you to take a moment to read back through your first course posts and compare them with your posts throughout this course. So much confidence and knowledge and expertise have been shared. Global collaborations are a walk in the park and online tools like Padlet, Flipgrid, Seesaw, and Socrative are being used with such incredible intention and fluency. The title of course 5 is “Alive in the Classroom” and it is clear from your projects that technology is alive in your classrooms (and media/library spaces) and that your classrooms come to life as a direct result of your intentional and thoughtful technology implementation.    


The Final Projects

Here are the final projects from Course 5 – each of them is an excellent and engaging example of technology in action. Also on display are some impressive sound editing, visual literacy, and stop motion skills! 

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Thank you for your COETAIL dedication

I want to take this moment to thank each of you for all of your hard work over the last eighteen months. I hope that this has been a powerful learning experience for you and you have developed and practised new technology skills that will continue to help you and your students. Please continue to share your teaching and learning through you PLNs and keep an eye on the #COETAIL and #EduroLearning hashtags on Twitter. 

Best of luck for the remainder of the school year – the countdown to summer is on! My wife and I are moving to Hong Kong in the summer and I look forward to the opportunity to perhaps meet some of you in real life over the next few years!

Photos by Steven Lelham and Martin Reisch on Unsplash

Week 5: Data Visualization and Infographics

How can you incorporate aspects of data visualization into your lessons? This week, as we continue to explore visual literacy, we will look at we can use infographics and data visualisations in the classroom. Creating high-quality infographics and/or data...

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Week 4: Digital Storytelling

This week we explore Digital Storytelling and how it could be used in our classrooms and we are reflecting on the question: How does this new form of storytelling differ from forms in the past? There are a few different definitions out there for "digital...

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Week 3: Understanding Presentation Design

Essential Question: How can visual presentations effectively communicate a message? I think if you asked any member of staff in our school about presentation design they would know that it should include powerful images, minimal text, thematic colours, few...

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Week 2 -Visual Literacy in our Classrooms

Looking Fabulous! I wanted to kick off week 2 by celebrating the work that was done by you last week as you challenged yourselves and revamped your blogs. Loads of wonderful new looks, layouts, colours, and even at least one new blog title! I know that these continue...

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Course 3 Week 1 – Let’s Get Visual!

Welcome to Course 3! In this course we focus on all things visual and it’s a great little COETAIL halfway point to dedicate some time to sharpening up our blogs, updating our avatars, and sprucing up our Twitter headings (well, that’s what I did in week...

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Week 6 – Wrapping up Course Two!

Wow, folks, I can't believe we are almost done with Course 2! I have absolutely loved this course and the opportunities that you have all had to share what you are doing in the classroom, or in some cases, what you hope to do next time in the classroom....

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Your Facilitator

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn with all of you over the next year. You have joined an incredible global community of learners and I hope that your COETAIL experience is as positive as mine was.

Ange Molony

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