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Course 5: COETAIL Community Engagement

Course 5: COETAIL Community Engagement

Without any formal/official blogging tasks each week it can be really challenging to keep on top of the project. So, I’m here to gently encourage you to blog! And blog some more! And read some blogs!

You do have four required blogs to complete over the course of the next couple of months:

  1. An introduction post: What do you plan to do and why? How do you think you might get there? What are you hoping to see in your students learning as you conduct the project? This week is a great time to get this done!
  2. A free choice blog post. Write about your progress? Highlights? Changes? Roadblocks? Pleas for help?!
  3. A culminating blog post about your community engagement throughout this semester. More about this below.
  4. Your final blog post to accompany your final project video. Due on May 3rd.

Your blog posts make up 25% of your grade for this course – get writing folks!

Community Engagement

A crucial aspect of this course is your community engagement. It’s really an important time to build your PLN and start contributing and learning from other educators in the COETAIL community. According to the rubric “We expect you to continue on your own to stay involved in the COETAIL community while building your own PLN in other spaces. Therefore, although you may choose to continue commenting on COETAIL blogs, you must also do more than that.” 

We really need to see active and consistent communication in your chosen PLN. With Google+ about to leave us, it really does seem that Twitter is the go-to option for a PLN but we are open to suggestions. Some Facebook groups are really active and that might be your preferred space. Online 11 is underway and they would love to hear your comments on their Course 1 blogs – why not get them involved in your community too? Add them to your Twitter and Blog feeds now! We can (and must!) help each other in this aspect of the course. Let me know if a Google Hangout is needed or a Twitter Chat to help us pick up some momentum.    



Here’s a suggested timeline to keep yourself on track (and meet that May 3rd deadline!)

This week: Introductory Blog Post

The week of March 4th: Free choice blog post. Tell us how things are going with your final project!

The week of March 18th: Start planning your Video

By May 3rd: Blog Post #3 Community Engagement and Course 5 Final Project Blog Post (Video needs to be embedded into your post)

May 3rd – May 12th: Peer feedback on your final presentation

Throughout this whole semester, I will be keeping an eye on your blogs and your tweets. If you want to schedule a google hangout (individually or as a group) please let me know! As always, feel free to contact me any time with questions, concerns and accomplishments!

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Your Facilitator

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn with all of you over the next year. You have joined an incredible global community of learners and I hope that your COETAIL experience is as positive as mine was.

Ange Molony

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