Welcome to Course 3! In this course we focus on all things visual and it’s a great little COETAIL halfway point to dedicate some time to sharpening up our blogs, updating our avatars, and sprucing up our Twitter headings (well, that’s what I did in week one of course 3!) Over the next 6 weeks of this course we will aim to understanding the following key ideas:

  • How to use the design and layout of information to influence effective communication
  • How different information mediums require different strategies when organizing information and communicating effectively
  • Using infographics and data visualisations to tell complex stories
  • How the audience and purpose behind your communication affect how and what you communicate
Photo by Ionut Necula on Unsplash

This week I’m not joking when I write that it’s your task to take a look at your blog (or class website or lesson presentations etc etc) and think about ways that you might like to change the layout (or theme, images, colours) so that it connects with your audience and contributes to your story. The readings, for the most part, will introduce the definition of visual and media literacies and the Star Wars fans will, hopefully, enjoy this little clip of George Lucas sharing his thoughts on digital literacies (there’s an Edutopia article in the reading list that connects to this too).

Another great starting point for this week is this Interaction Design Foundation article on Visual Hierarchy, and I’ve always enjoyed this article, Eye-tracking studies: more than meets the eye, about the use of incredible eye-tracking software (yes, you read that right).

I look forward to reading your posts about your digital/visual makeovers and if you decide to give your blog a facelift this week please take before and after screenshots!

Featured Image by unsplash-logoMario Gogh at Unsplash