Welcome to Course 4! Thank you for your enthusiasm and energy throughout Course 3. It’s was a fantastic course for highlighting our visual literacy skills. There were so many wonderful pieces of work created this week that it seems a shame if I only highlight the final projects, so here are some visual masterpieces from throughout Course 3! Please take a look and give feedback on any that you might have missed over the last six weeks.

What is technology integration and does it work?

What is your definition?

We’ve been writing and researching about different aspects of technology integration throughout each of our COETAIL courses and our hope is that you are starting to solidify a personal definition or perhaps even philosophy around this idea. What is good technology integration? What isn’t? Why do you believe that it’s important to integrate technology and how do you measure or assess the integration in your classroom and throughout your school? This week we look at a couple of different frameworks for technology integration and we use them to evaluate our own technology integration. Our Goal is to “Explore and apply instructional design principles to create innovative digital learning environments that engage and support learning”  (ISTE 5.c) so that we can understand the philosophy behind technology integration.

Readings for This Week

There is a stack of great resources to dig into for this week – especially those that focus on the frameworks for technology integration. Throughout this course, we will look at deepening our understandings about the changes that we have seen in schools as a result of technology integration and we all will start to think about our Course 5 project (yes yes, I am mentioning Course 5 in the first week of Course 4!) I’ll get into more details next week but we really are on the home stretch here folks!

In addition to the readings, you might like to select an article from Edutopia’s Technology Integration section (I enjoyed this piece titled Research-Based Tech Integration Strategies) and check out this video that introduces the SAMR, TPACK, TIM, and TIP models (apologies for the acronym overload!)

Week One To Do List

Your task for this week is to evaluate your own practice of technology integration using one (or more) of the frameworks presented (if you have a different framework that you use at your school please email me and we can discuss using that framework).

Your blog post might also include some reflection on the following questions:

  • What does technology integration look like in your classroom and how that has changed for you throughout your career?
  • Is your technology integration impacted by your school’s belief in technology?
  • What is the best approach to technology integration?

GET Certification

Complete this week’s assignment with a Google Education lens. Using one (or multiple) of the frameworks presented:

  • How would you evaluate your own practice of technology integration using Google tools in your classroom? In your trainings with adult learners?
  • What does technology integration look like in your trainings? What do you believe the best approach to be when integrating technology for trainings with adult learners?

The Course 4 Project

I’m going to write about this project (and the Course 5 layout) in some more detail next week – but you can get ahead by taking a look at the Course 4 Project details here. 

Featured image by unsplash-logoJohn Schnobrich from Unsplash