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Week 5 – The Technology Rich Classroom

Week 5 – The Technology Rich Classroom

We’ve taken a step back and used a wide angle lens to take a look at technology integration in our classrooms and libraries. We have looked like in the practices of the past, reflected on what we see happening in the present, and we’ve put on our future seeing googles and have made some predictions about what is coming up next. Through the framework of SAMR, TPACK, and RAT we have a rubric to help us decide how well we are doing with our tech in the classroom. But does any of it matter if we aren’t getting any work done? Is the SAMR model even applicable if our kids are distracted by the shiny screens and the million tabs and the pings of new messages? Some would argue that classrooms are harder to manage with all the technology distractions. Others will debate that classroom management has always been a challenge and technology isn’t to blame. Where do you fall on this? This week we work towards understanding and applying classroom management strategies when using devices with students.

How can we maximize the potential of technology devices in a classroom environment?

There are some great readings to dig into this week and I’m sure that your own RSS feeds have tackled this same topic. You are going to use this week’s post to reflect on your own classroom management with respect to technology integration. I’d love to read about strategies and protocols that you use in class to manage the use of devices and to keep students engaged and on track!


One of the best resources I’ve come across for this topic is a book by Heather Dowd and Patrick Green titled Classroom Management In The Digital Age. Perhaps a little late for this week’s post but it’s a great book as it is packed with practical tips and real strategies that you can use in the classroom.

By the end of Week 5

We are getting close to the end of course 4! Please have the following completed by Sunday, Dec 2nd.

  • 5 blog post completed and listed on your grading spreadsheet
  • 5 comments completed and listed on your grading spreadsheet
    • You are welcome to comment outside the cohort, but please continue to read and comment within it as well.


Week 5 – Empowering Connections

As we get started on Week 5 here's a quick run through of what you should have done so far: Four blog posts Four comments (comment as much as you like but you only need to add four of them to your grade sheet) Connected with someone else from our cohort to...

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Week 4: Digital Citizenship

Whose responsibility is it to teach students to be safe online? Over the last three weeks, we have discussed many aspects of digital citizenship when you wrote (and read) about digital footprints, copyright laws, and privacy. aligns digital...

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Week 2 – Your Privacy Online (Does it Exist?)

It’s a timely topic for us this week as many of our posts will center on a topic that is also dominating world news - internet privacy. In the wake of the great Facebook privacy scandal (I made that phrase up), it’s an interesting time to look at our own...

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Course 2 is Ready to Roll!

Course Two officially begins for us today but I would like to take just a second to give a shout out to all of your fantastic and thoughtful Course One projects. I enjoyed the range of topics that were explored and the variety of tech tools and...

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Week 6 – Unit Plans and Catching Up

You have made it to week 6! I hope you can look back on your posts and feel a sense of accomplishment in the work that you have produced and shared so far. This week you have time to catch up on any missed posts and comments, and your final task is to upload your unit...

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Week 5 – What’s Your Learning Landscape?

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 5! This week we look at engaging in learning on a global scale and you are asked to reflect on (or plan) a global learning project that you have been involved in already or that you might like to involve yourself in....

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I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn with all of you over the next year. You have joined an incredible global community of learners and I hope that your COETAIL experience is as positive as mine was.

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