Looking Fabulous!

I wanted to kick off week 2 by celebrating the work that was done by you last week as you challenged yourselves and revamped your blogs. Loads of wonderful new looks, layouts, colours, and even at least one new blog title! I know that these continue to be a work in progress and you learn new tricks but I am really impressed with what I have seen so far!

The Course Three Project

Before we get too far into this course it’s always a good idea to know what we are working toward and there are some great options for you in this course. The given options are:

  1. Create a presentation using some Presentation Zen principles
  2. Create and share a digital story (we look at these in more detail in week 4)
  3. Create an About Me page on your blog and add an infographic or visual resume
  4. Create a unit plan that teaches your students about visual literacy
  5. Propose your own assignment! Email me with your ideas, please!

This Week

We focus in on the classroom this week (or the conference room) and we look at how we can use what we know about visual literacy to engage our students or colleagues. Specifically, we are working to answer to find out:

How does the ability to use, create and/or manipulate imagery foster effective communication?

I enjoy this article (ok, it’s a little dated) but it takes us Down Under and celebrates my home, and the Kiwis, with some examples of visual bliss. Perhaps now is a good time to share this newer visual masterpiece:

Images connect with us in an arguably more powerful way than text and often all that is needed is a strong image to captivate and engage an audience. (You can learn more about that in this video from John Medina about Brain Rules.) This week the readings and the task asks you to think about how you use images in your classroom and on your blog to convey your story. Nobody has got this far in COETAIL without already embedding an image in your posts so I want to make sure that this week’s assignment is meaningful. I offer some suggestions to include in your post this week:

Remember to think about how you are using images in the classroom or in a presentation to peers and give examples where you can. Feel free to connect this to your blog redesigns too as I am sure that some of you will continue to tinker with colour, images, and themes this week!


This Pixabay featured image at the top of this post is available free for commercial use with no attribution required. 
But giving credit is always kind! Thanks, Pixabay