It’s a timely topic for us this week as many of our posts will center on a topic that is also dominating world news – internet privacy. In the wake of the great Facebook privacy scandal (I made that phrase up), it’s an interesting time to look at our own online behaviours and reflect on our practices. Your post this week should engage with the following understandings and essential questions:


Responsible use of online tools can help protect the personal information of others.


Is there such a thing as privacy online?

Why add hyperlinks?

This week there is a suggested focus on learning how we can use hyperlinks within our posts to increase the searchability of our blogs. Don’t feel that you need to write specifically about the impact of hyperlinks, but it’s a nice opportunity to read and learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Here you can read about how a Google Search will rank useful pages (ranking can be influenced by hyperlinks) and this post here deconstructs a twitter chat about internal links on a website. They focus more on commercial websites, but it still gives some interesting reasons for adding links to our posts, specifically internal links. A very basic summary is that if your page has lots of other pages linking to it, then Google will rank it highly. But don’t send your readers away from your site – hit the gear button and select open in a new tab so that you don’t lose anyone! (Show me how!)

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Your Privacy Online

There are a lot of great readings listed for this week but feel free to use this opportunity to learn about the current issues raised by the Cambridge Analytica scandal – I certainly have! Here are some recent readings that discuss online privacy that might spark some writing ideas. As you read these (or any other articles you come across) I ask you to wonder what is your role as a teacher/educator in all of this? What can we share or teach our students about how the internet works? How do you talk to your students about online privacy? Do you need to make changes in how you share information online? 

Coming Up

Don’t forget that the final project for this course is a collaborative task – it’s not too early to start making those connections. Here’s more info on that project. Next week we will discuss digital footprints and we will read and write about ways to guide our students towards curating a positive online presence. Oh, and of course we will google ourselves.

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