Hi folks and welcome to week four of course four! I am going to go a little rogue this week and peek outside of the box (and by box I mean the list of readings on the COETAIL Course 4 Week 4 page) because if we don’t keep our heads up and our eyes open then the future is very quickly the past and what was the next big thing might soon be a journey we missed.  So, let’s maintain the focus on the Future Strategies for Innovative Learning but I’m keen to see if you can blow the lid off for this week. You could read and write about Connectivism, MOOCs, Global Collaboration, and Badges, or you bring us something altogether new and futuristic. It’s important that your post for this week shows that you understand the new learning theories as they apply to technology and that you give us some idea about what you think might be the future of education, but I’m relaxing on some of the reading requirements and throwing some substitutions your way – if you are up for them!

I want to be a Futurist

I was at an ed tech conference at Graded School in Sao Paulo a few years back and one of the headline presenters was a school alum and his listed profession was Futurist. *mind blown*  I was sure that this guy was going to stand up and tell us what exactly we needed to do in order to prepare our students for the future – he didn’t. But he did force us to think differently, and expect differently, and consider all possibilities and extremes. (You can read about Michell Zappa here and some more about Futurism here.) A few years later and I notice that futurism is popping up everywhere and there are some wildly different viewpoints on education futurism. I mean, I think there is a common agreement that change needs to happen, but what does that look like? What can we expect to achieve in 5, 10, 20 years? What is the role of technology? How does this all connect to you and your classroom or you as a COETAILer?  (These are the questions to answer in your blog post this week!)

Here are a couple of future thinking education leaders who might bring some interesting angles to your post for this week (apologies for the lack of diversity).

Your Checklist for Week 4

  • 4 blog post completed and listed on your grading spreadsheet
  • 4 comments completed and listed on your grading spreadsheet
    • You are welcome to comment outside the cohort, but please continue to read and comment within it as well.

If you are working toward GET certification, make sure you are working towards or have already completed the Level 2 Google Certified Educator exam, as well as the Trainer Exam. (More details about the COETAIL/GET Requirements here.)

Featured image by Alex Knight from Unsplash