Incredible work team! You are almost done with Course 4 and that means we are almost ready to start Course 5 – the reward of the COETAIL programme! Just a quick post with the details for the week. I’ve caught up and read almost all blogs but I might not have left you a comment yet. I’ll get to it as soon as I am back in Brussels and recovered for this week.

Throughout this course, we’ve (hopefully) solidified our understanding of technology in the classroom. We looked at where it started and where it is headed and we’ve taken some time to learn the ways in which we can measure and monitor the impact it has on teaching and learning.

So, this week, you are writing up your Course 4 project which is really your introduction to Course 5. Here are the project details and here’s your checklist for this week.

  • One blog post for each week of the course plus one blog post reflecting on your final project (6 posts)
  • A final project embedded into your last blog post for Course 4
  • One comment for each week of the course (for a total of 5 comments)
  • GET: Completed Trainer video & application (Note: If you have not completed these or any other components for the GET, please work on getting them done before we start Course 5 in 2019)

The deadline for work is this Sunday but please send me an email if you need some extra time to catch up.

Oh! It’s never too early to get your head around Course 5 expectations!