Wow, folks, I can’t believe we are almost done with Course 2! I have absolutely loved this course and the opportunities that you have all had to share what you are doing in the classroom, or in some cases, what you hope to do next time in the classroom. Our efforts to lead by example with respect to our digital lives is so important and your students and colleagues are so lucky to have you guiding them through this ever-changing landscape.

My highlights over this last month and a bit have included:

Most of you have left ample comments on each other’s blogs, but if you missed some of these posts then I recommend you take a look!

As always this Week 6 is for catching up on posts and comments and getting your final project posted. Finding a way to embed the project in a blog post is ideal but if your project doesn’t lend itself to being embedded then you can get creative. Introduce and explain your project to your reader and reflect on the process of your collaboration.

Your checklist reminder for this week:

  • One blog post for each week of the course
  • One additional blog post reflecting on your final project (for a total of 6 posts)
  • A final project embedded into your last blog post for Course 2
  • One comment for each week of the course (for a total of 5 comments)



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